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Our award winning health platform

REACHhealth is our engaging and insightful digital health and wellbeing improvement platform underpinned by years of academic research and clinical validation.


The latest scientific research, statistics and reports identify the health and clinical needs of differing groups.


Strong focus on the creation of targeted, engaging and innovative content, using the best of digital tools to promote long term participation.

Achieve Change

Insight and analysis of data presented through monthly reports demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI) from both an economic and societal perspective.

All your health and wellbeing services in one place

Our REACHhealth market-leading health and wellbeing platform will seamlessly integrate your existing partners and 3rd party services to create your own unique connected health ecosystem.

Solid REACHhealth Foundations

Benefit from our out of the box, clinically validated health and wellbeing assessment, engagement and health improvement technology.

Fully Integrated Health Ecosystem

Integrate all your services and provisions into one seamless digital solution.

Hyper Personalisation

Create hyper personalised support and guidance signposting to relevant services through our smart profiling.

Meaningful Data Insights/Records

Deliver meaningful data insights as personal health and wellbeing records and valuable aggregated data.

Key features

A highly personalised health and wellbeing experience

Integration with third-party services

Integrate any of your health and wellbeing services, such as tele-health, symptom checkers, reward or EAP platforms.

Health risk assessments and unique Health Age score

Clinically validated health risk assessments provide feedback on more than 20 risk factors and calculate our unique Health Age score.

Goals and challenges

Custom goals and team challenges are tracked automatically via fitness trackers, health apps, and wearables, including Apple Health and Google fit.

Resources, coaching and advice

COM-B led coaching, advice and support is supplemented with a rich multi-media library packed with advice relating to mental and physical wellbeing.

Notifications, awards and badges

Notifications, pulse surveys, awards and badges reward users and keep them engaged in their wellbeing journey.


We're delivering a sea-change in engagement and personal health improvement


of people joined the diet improvement programme.


joined the weight management programme.


joined the phyiscal activity programme.


reduced their cardiovascular risk.


made a commitment to quit smoking.


made a commitment to reduce their alcohol intake.
Those at greatest risk showed the greatest improvements.


Total cholesterol to HDL ratio dropped by 8.2%.

Blood pressure

reduction in diastolic blood pressure of 3.6%.

Don't just take our word for it

Working with Road to Health is a pleasure

It seems that each member has been hand-picked for their individual skill set, and a broader ability to participate as part of a collective. The result is that the team have all bases covered, which makes them hugely effective.


Help young people lead healthier lives too

Support your social value proposition with our trail-blazing youth health and wellbeing interactive game.

It's time to help people discover their own road to health and wellbeing