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Connected health and wellbeing for our communities.

Assess, prevent and live well

Our technology creates the perfect digital tools for organisations that are proactively supporting health and wellbeing in the community and looking to positively impact an improvement in health and wellness such as sports clubs, councils, associations, charities, schools, health and fitness centres and more.

Diagram showing the steps of recognise, engage, and achieve change

Our products for communities

Depending on your target market, choose from...


REACHhealth Platform

Combining our market-leading health and wellbeing technology with seamless integration to your existing and 3rd party services to create your own unique connected health ecosystem.



An immersive health and wellbeing educational video game platform and app.

Helping young people to be fit, healthy and active in body and mind.

Both solutions are highly configurable and can be customised to your unique brand, services and needs.

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Assess, prevent, and live well

Young people need our help.

Mental Health

1 in 6
children are currently suffering with a diagnosable mental health problem


1 in 3
children leave primary education either overweight or obese


1 in 5
children are completing the recommended daily activity levels
Sports clubs, schools and local community initiatives are perfectly placed to support our young communities but achieving the desired reach and scale can be a challenge.

Our products work

Both platforms inform, educate, and engage children, parents and communities on the topic of mental, physical, and emotional health wherever they are, at a time and place that suits them.

Real engagement. Real benefits.

Reach a wider population with your very own health and wellbeing app

Increase engagement in community clubs and programmes

Deliver educational impact more efficiently and cost-effectively

Gain valuable data insights to demonstrate programme results

It's time to help people discover their own road to health and wellbeing