Data and insights

Consolidated data for deeper insight.

The REACHhealth ecosystem consolidates health and wellbeing data from multiple services into a single source.

This includes:

  • Detailed health risk profiles
  • Data from fitness trackers, health apps, and wearables
  • Telehealth
  • Symptom checker
  • EAP services
  • Reward platforms
  • Central electronic health record
All data is anonymised and encrypted.

Organisation risk profiles

The REACHhealth health and wellbeing platform provides invaluable insight into an organisation's risk profile, informing healthcare strategy and maximising the cost-effectiveness of healthcare spend.

Management information reports highlight overall risk for specific diseases as well as the modifiable factors driving that risk. This includes the identification of high health risk clusters driven by demographics, biometrics, and lifestyle behaviours.

Reporting and analysis

The admin portal provides access to a range of template reports, integrates with all major BI tools or can provide anonymised raw data files for analysis - whether that be to gain specific health insights into populations or to pre-underwrite the health risk of individuals.

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Report formats

Diagram showing availibility of flattened, anonymised, and combined data in a data lake to be used by major BI tools

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