Helping people live healthier, happier lives.

REACHhealth for insurers

A leading clinically validated Health Engagement platform created from over 10 years of real world experience and insight allowing you to increase engagement, retention and signposting to other services.

Our mission is to deliver a highly configurable digital wellness solution to support insurers to

Move the needle on health

Clinical validation allows true risk assessment, and a proactive, preventative approach to health. Developing healthier, happier members and resulting in a reduction of claims and costs.

Increase customer engagement

Engaging, personalised content and notifications drive interaction and time onsite, resulting in members that stay with you longer and reductions in lapse rate.

Gain meaningful data insights to assist acquisition and underwriting

Aggregated data from the clinically validated assessments (Quealth, Big Five, Healthy Days Balance) offer insights on members through their “stages of life” to support strategic business decisions.

Our REACH engagement principles underpin each solution we deliver


The latest official research, statistics and reports identify the health and clinical needs of differing populations.


Strong focus on the creation of targeted, engaging and innovative content, using the best of digital to promote long term participation.

Achieve change

Insights and analysis of data presented through monthly reports demonstrate ROI from both an economic and societal perspectives.

Why wellness for the modern insurer

would engage with an app that promoted activity and education about maintenance or improvement of medical conditions

would utilise an insurer’s app that aggregated all of their medical information

would engage with an app that promoted activity and education on general health

Our engagement works!

You’ll see your members' health improve

You’ll see a big increase in member engagement – 70% of users engage with the platform more than once in a 30-day period

We’ll help you sustain that engagement over time - increasing member loyalty and retention

Healthier, happier members!

86% of our members take a health risk assessment

41% of members are achieving their goals

Users of REACHealth have increased their healthy lifespans by a total of 1.4 million days

Don't just take our word for it...

Working with RTHG is a pleasure.

The team are logical, considered, and capable - this crosses account management, workstream planning, design and delivery. It seems that each member has been hand-picked for their individual skill set, and a broader ability to participate as part of a collective. The result is that the team have all bases covered, which makes them hugely effective.

Ultimate success is achieved via common values and goals. Despite the partnership project being time pressured (from our side), RTH have remained energised, engaged and good humoured. I cannot speak more highly of them.

Leading UK insurer

We’re excited by the potential of Quealth’s wellness platform to drive engagement with life insurance consumers.

This helps consumers understand and improve their wellness status, while simultaneously providing life insurers with valuable data insights.

Jonathan Hughes

Managing Director of RGAX EMEA

Help people live healthier, happier lives.

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