A personal health and wellbeing coach, backed by science.

Assess, prevent and live well

Our REACHhealth platform guides your members or employees through a personal wellbeing journey, helping them to assess their current lifestyle and health risks, and providing coaching and support as they set, track and achieve their goals.

Health age

A unique yet simple metric that quantifies the impact of an individual's lifestyle on their healthy lifespan.

Developed following nearly a decade of research into how lifestyle affects health, a low Health Age compared to chronological age indicates a healthy lifestyle and a resulting increase in healthy lifespan.

A related forecasting tool allows users to see just how much small changes could have a real impact to their health.

Health risk assessments

A suite of clinically validated assessments that identify an individual's risk of developing any of the five-leading lifestyle-related diseases, along with recognised mental wellbeing assessments and a financial health review.

Smart profiling, coaching and goal setting

REACHhealth creates a wellbeing profile based on individual health risks, interests, and targets, and recommends health goals across key lifestyle areas.

Users are prompted to identify their personal motivations and barriers to achieving lifestyle change and the renowned COM-B behaviour change model developed by University College London is used to create a behavioural profile of each user and optimise the way in which REACHhealth interacts with them to maximise their chances of success in achieving their health goals.

Challenges - Step and Carbon Challenge

Organisation Challenges have proven to be highly engaging, inclusive and rewarding - with teams competing for first place on the leaderboard! Promote a Step Challenge to boost physical activity or a Carbon Challenge to assess and reduce carbon footprints.

Fitness trackers and apps

Connected fitness trackers, health apps, and wearables automatically keep track of progress towards goals, update health scores and progress on challenge leaderboards.

Content feed

A dynamic content feed promotes new and relevant content from the resource library based on interests and preferences, alongside recommended next steps, goals and health updates.

Resources library

Packed with articles, videos, and podcasts focused on all areas of lifestyle, health and wellbeing, the library is updated on a continual basis so there is always something new.


REACHhealth uses the latest gamification principles to recognise progress and achievements through a highly engaging range of health points, badges, status levels and streaks.

Admin portal

An easy-to-use admin portal provides access to a content management system, notification centre and management reports. Publish custom content, surveys and notifications or share key management information insights at the click of a button.

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